Monday through Saturday the mall doors are all open by 7:30, so feel free to come walk anytime after that!


Dear Mall Manager, Why dont you do monthly draw to win some cash back for any one spend at least $ 20 at any store in the mall. That kind of promotion will make people come to your mall. The more they spend the more they have chance to win...like first prize ..$ 500. I have seen some Mall doing it..and it works.

I recently visited your mall and was saddened by it. Coming from a town that has about 40,000 more people than yours, we are the same in some certain ways. I would have loved to see more stores in there. As I walked through the mall trying to find even one store that looked even presentable to look at, I saw the potential. It's not that your mall had (green that was probably blue awhile ago) carpet in it or that it had tile that IS out of date or even the orangeish pink color of the walls, (I) saw potential. I saw a Hollister, Charlotte Russe, Debs, Hot topic. Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostale, Gap, Justice, Claire, Torrid, Maurice, Loft, even a Versona. HINT HINT. Or even in the food court Corn Dog 7, Subway, Great American cookie Co., Sonic, Panda express. I would have liked to see more of these things rather than tired not busy stores that looks like they could use a face lift. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, help the mall and help Sherman. If some of these stores are added and upgrades are involved with the mall I can PROMISE that your mall will be thriving in the next few months guaranteed profit to you and your mall. What are you waiting for you can make the calls today. #Hopes that in the next year the mall is booming.

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