The expo hall is not a actual event it is a space that is available for your next event! 


Re open the theater please!

add new stores

I have never been in the mall but everyone says its the most AWSOME mall ever built on earth and it has AWSOME fashion and jewlrey

when will the movies be open i would like a job there

what new stores are going to b there nearly all of them have left and moved to the town center. i realy you can bring new hope to the town and the mall it is a great mall back in the day people were coming here to see it, hope your company can do this it is so needed!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yours Truly Save The Mall

To those of you at JAKS- you do not have a ghost. If you look at the video close enough you can see a good sized mouse running along the shelf.

We enjoy shopping at Midway Mall but we need more stores! Need some eating places that appeal to teenagers and families.

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